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President Obama: Make mega-mergers a relic of the past!

President Obama: Make mega-mergers a relic of the past!

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You may have heard that biochemical giant Bayer is very close to merging with Monsanto in a deal worth at least $62 billion that would put one mega-corporation in control of virtually everything we eat. At SumOfUs, we’re putting everything we’ve got into stopping this merger.

After all, we stopped Comcast and Time Warner against all odds. But what about the next merger? And the one after that? What we really need are strong antitrust laws that make these mergers impossible. And President Obama is poised to pass exactly such legislation.

It’s not just that these mega-mergers destroy any competition, innovation and fair play. It’s that essential industries -- like agriculture, pharmaceuticals, journalism -- end up entirely in the hands of very few people whose only objective is profit. Did I mention that the CEO of Monsanto stands to make $70 million from his merger with Bayer?

Tell President Obama to give our antitrust laws real teeth and make mega-mergers a thing of the past.

President Obama is ready to make this bold change. When he was campaigning to be president in 2007, he castigated George W. Bush for “what may be the weakest record of antitrust enforcement of any administration in the last half century.” At first, Obama didn’t fare much better. But lately his administration has been flexing its antitrust muscle and -- with the right push -- he could be ready to fix the whole system, not the symptom.

Stopping the concentration of corporate power is the reason there’s a SumOfUs at all. Anytime a Monsanto wants to merge with a Bayer, we’ll be there to stop it. But what we really want -- what all of us want -- is real, lasting change and a world where people, not profit, make the decisions that really matter. Our food, our health, our media should be governed by us, not a boardroom.

And as President Obama considers what kind of legacy he wants to leave behind, we have an incredible opportunity. Let’s seize it.

Will you ask President Obama to make lasting change to our antitrust laws?

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