Please chip in to expose Monsanto's dirty secrets.

Please chip in to expose Monsanto's dirty secrets.

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s weedkiller Roundup, causes cancer. At least  according to every serious research body in the world, including the World Health Organisation.

Yet Europe’s top authorities on risk and safety somehow haven’t got the memo. They’re still churning out the same message -- one that’s awfully similar to Monsanto’s -- that Glyphosate poses no risk.  

We think that’s odd.

So we’ve teamed up with the biggest environmental NGOs in Europe to expose just how deep the ties run between Monsanto and our politicians. It could be the last piece of the puzzle to finally get RoundUp banned.

Can you chip in to help expose Monsanto’s lies and get RoundUp off our shelves?

We have a crack team of lawyers investigating, and what they have come up with so far is chilling: the whole process of the risk assessment for glyphosate was unlawful and dangerous.  

“Monsanto had already been in conflict with the law and it is not the first time that they gave incorrect information about glyphosate”, says Josef Unterweger, the lawyer who pressed charges against Monsanto, BfR and EFSA on behalf of SumOfUs and our allies.

The institutions of our governments built to protect us could have secretly been pushing Monsanto’s agenda. We need your help to find out the truth -- and to get RoundUp off our shelves.

Glyphosate is everywhere -- residues of this dangerous pesticide can be found in the environment, in food and in our bodies and even in breast milk for babies. Most recently, glyphosate residues were even detected in German beer.

Despite this overwhelming evidence, our institutions have been parroting Monsanto’s message about the safety of Glyphosate.

That's where we come in. SumOfUs was created to harness the global consumer power of our members to take on corporate abuses wherever they occur. And if enough of us donate, we’ll be able to not only help with the legal fees to uncover Monsanto’s dirty tactics but also deal a massive blow to Monsanto’s bottom line.

Can you chip in?

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