Philip Hammond

Philip Hammond: no more favours for big business!

Philip Hammond: no more favours for big business!

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More tax cuts for big business, really?!

Philip Hammond, the chancellor, thinks that’s money well spent. Not on schools, hospitals, housing or helping people on lower incomes, but doing favours for corporations. He’s planning to slash corporation tax year on year, over and over, for the next three years.

Philip Hammond is new in his job, and there could be an election any time. He’s extra weary of a big public backlash that’ll put him at risk. Let’s make him feel vulnerable together, and we can get these plans axed. 

Philip Hammond: don’t cut taxes for big business year on year, while doing nothing for ordinary people. 

Cutting taxes for big business helps the richest, concentrates wealth, and is good news for those who avoid tax with fishy accounting. Just think what else Philip Hammond could do instead -- reverse benefit cuts, raise the minimum wage even more or invest in public services. But he’d rather help out big bosses. 

Our governments have been cutting corporation tax for decades -- first it was 52%, next 35%, then 20%, and now just 17%. Where does it end? UK corporation tax is already much lower than in France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria -- the list goes on. 

All Philip Hammond cares about is cosying up to big corporates. But there comes a time where we all need to stand up for ourselves. That’s now. Together, we can stop companies getting perks while people who need help are ignored. 

Philip Hammond can still change his mind. These business tax cuts were planned by his predecessor, George Osborne. Hammond’s already junked some of Osborne’s biggest ideas, such as clearing the deficit by 2020. He’ll be open to ditching business tax cuts, if we all show him how unpopular they’ll make him. 

The more of us who sign the petition to Philip Hammond, the more likely he’ll be to drop his business tax cut plans. If you believe that people should come before profits, then add your name now. 

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