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Pepsi: don't team up with Trump

Pepsi: don't team up with Trump

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Pepsi just teamed up with Donald Trump.

The head of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi, is accepting a big job in Trump’s government. It’d mean the boss of a huge multinational advising a sexist, racist U.S. president -- the double team from hell.

PepsiCo and Indra Nooyi shouldn’t be throwing their lot in with Donald Trump. As Chief Executive, Indra Nooyi values Pepsi’s brand above everything else, and she will think twice about taking the job if it could damage her company's reputation.

Let's force Ms. Nooyi to rethink this decision by speaking out together.

PepsiCo CEO, Indra Nooyi: don’t associate with Donald Trump, turn down the job in his government! PepsiCo hasn't got the best track record when it comes to acting responsibly. Now its top boss could be advising Donald Trump, pushing corporate interests and shaping economic policy for one of the world’s most powerful countries.

But we've shown that we can keep PepsiCo accountable. Over 200,000 of us signed our names to pressure it to buy more responsible palm oil. Our spoof ad of PepsiCo product Doritos clocked over 20 million views, and thousands of us reviewed Pepsi True on Amazon, plummeting the rating down to 1 star.

As a direct result of us working together with our partners, PepsiCo announced a whole new palm oil commitment. While it has a huge loophole that we're pushing Pepsi to fix, it's still a huge milestone.

This is what happens when we pool our strength: we make things happen that might seem out of reach at the beginning.

Indra Nooyi is just one person, worried about negative headlines and anything that makes PepsiCo look bad. We’re a global community of millions.

If enough of us call out Indra Nooyi for throwing her lot in with Trump, she could balk at going through with it.

Sign the petition to PepsiCo’s boss, Indra Nooyi, to not take a job working for Donald Trump.