Pensions: stop Barclays backing fracking

Pensions: stop Barclays backing fracking

Your Local Authority pension fund could help stop fracking. 

As many local authority pension funds are major Barclays shareholders, you could help us pressure Barclays to pull out of fracking investments.

Can you take a moment to tell us which local authority your pension fund is with? Just click here to let us know.

Many pension funds - especially those that are members of a group called the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum - say that they will invest in such a way that will not do harm to the beneficiaries (you!) of that investment. 

Yet fracking does cause harm -- directly to health and wellbeing of those living near fracking sites, as well as the danger to our climate from burning fossils fuels. Financial returns and caring for the environment are not mutually exclusive, and pension funds are susceptible to pressure from their members. Are you in?

Let us know which local authority pension you hold, so together we can pressure Barclays to pull out of fracking investments.

When we mobilise our pensions to represent our interests, we win. Last year thousands of SumOfUs members around the globe contacted their pension funds about the need for transparency at Canadian oil giant Suncor. Our proposal got a lot of support from shareholders and the company now reveals more on what it spends on lobbying.

When SumOfUs members acted against CEO greed at Burberry by calling their funds managers, the CEO’s pay was rejected by shareholders. Let’s do the same with Barclays’ fracking investments.

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