Pelosi: don’t let TPP pass a lame duck vote.

Pelosi: don’t let TPP pass a lame duck vote.

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Our fight to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership is paying off. Amidst public pressure, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have both denounced the trade deal as dangerous to our economy, public health, and environment. But our work’s not done yet.

The corporations behind the TPP won’t let democracy get in their way. They want to schedule a TPP vote immediately after the election, in the “lame duck” session of Congress when politicians have no one to answer to.

Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi has been surprisingly quiet on this issue so far. But this is a trade deal that could cost us 450,000 jobs and increase corporate power over all walks of life -- and we need to make sure Pelosi uses her power to help stop a lame duck TPP deal.

Sign the petition to tell Leader Pelosi: don't support a lame duck TPP vote. 

After years of secret negotiations and meetings with corporate advisors, we’ve only recently learned the gorey details of what the TPP would do. At it’s core, this is a corporate rights deal.

The TPP would give thousands of foreign corporations the right to sue our governments for threatening their “expected” profits, the power to control the Internet and seriously limit access to medication, among many other things.

Here’s an example: under NAFTA, the pipeline company TransCanada launched $15 billion suit in response to President Obama’s Keystone XL veto. And under the TPP, corporations across the world could do the same thing to the US when we stand stand up for ourselves.

Together we’ve proven we have the power to knock the TPP off its feet -- through placing ads from the US to New Zealand, pressuring corporations directly, showing up at the talks themselves, and making the TPP known all over the world for the corporate power grab it is. We’ve delayed the TPP negotiations for months.

Tell Leader Pelosi not to support an unaccountable lame duck vote on the disastrous TPP.

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