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PayPal just showed North Carolina that anti-LGBTQ laws hurt your economy

PayPal just showed North Carolina that anti-LGBTQ laws hurt your economy

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PayPal just sent a powerful message to anti-LGBTQ bigots: If you pass homophobic and anti-trans laws, it will cost you jobs.

After North Carolina passed what critics are calling "one of the most extreme, anti-LGBT bills we've seen yet," PayPal pulled plans to build a brand new global operations center in Charlotte that would have brought in 400 new jobs.

PayPal’s CEO was unequivocal: “the new law perpetuates discrimination and it violates the values and principles that are at the core of PayPal’s mission and culture.” It’s time to turn up the heat on Governor Pat McCrory and get the other big corporations in the state to get serious about overturning this hateful law.

Will you ask Apple, Bank of America and Facebook to follow PayPal’s lead and apply real pressure to Gov. McCrory?

The law—which was passed in a single day—effectively makes it legal to discriminate against LGBTQ folk in the workplace or public accommodations. It also forces trans people, including children, to use washrooms of their assigned gender—not the one they identify with.

PayPal is only the latest to speak out against hate. Google Ventures promised last week not to back any companies from North Carolina as long as this loathsome law is in the books. Almost 100 enormous corporations, including Apple and Facebook, signed a letter urging Gov. McCrory to back down. But unless we put real pressure on North Carolina’s economy—like PayPal has bravely done to its enormous credit—letters are only so much lip service.

Tell Apple, Facebook and Bank of America to show North Carolina that if you want to pass anti-LGBTQ legislation, you’re going to pay for it.

We know this strategy works. We pressured BMW and Adidas to come out against the Confederate Flag in South Carolina—they did, and the flag came down. If we get real action from these corporations, we can end laws that will put LGBTQ people of all ages at risk of discrimination, humiliation and worse.

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