Our chance to take on this tax dodging scandal

Our chance to take on this tax dodging scandal

The Panama Papers affects each and every one of us (well maybe not, if you’re very rich and powerful).

Because when big companies and the wealthy elite are able to restructure their tax affairs, it’s people like us who lose out. They’re intentionally making sure a different set of rules apply to them.

We’re missing out on more teachers, schools, doctors, nurses, carers, and other basic public services, while the rich shield their money from any tax obligations.

But we can change this. In just under a month, the UK is hosting an international summit on tackling corruption -- and the use of offshore tax havens to dodge tax will be high on the agenda. Leaders from all over the world, including Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, India, will be there.

We need your help to make sure you and I have our voices heard by world leaders.

Please, will you chip in to put the pressure on international leaders to stop tax dodging? 

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