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Save the bees!

Save the bees!

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French Parliament has voted for a full ban of neonicotinoids! We’ve been fighting the use of this bee-killing pesticide all over the world. For the first time, we have a precedent-setting national ban.

This is a big step towards saving the bees, but our fight is far from over. EU scientists are now conducting a review of neonics that may reverse the European Union’s 2013 ban on three bee-killing neonicotinoids.

With the threat of extinction hanging over a quarter of Europe’s bumblebees, now is not the time to backtrack on our progress. We need to build on our big win in France and call on the European Commission to follow suit with its own total ban of bee-killing neonicotinoids.  

Tell the EU it’s time to enforce a full ban on bee-killing neonics.

It took a united environmental movement to push the EU to ban thiamethoxam, clothianidin and imidacloprid. And ever since that win, the pesticide industry has been lobbying hard to undo our progress. Industry leaders like Bayer reject study after study that confirm what we already know: neonicotinoids are devastating global bee populations.

In France, together we mobilised some 700,000 people to petition the Environment Minister for a total ban on neonics. It was a hard, long fight, but in the end our people power came through.

Now, Efsa’s review of neonics could make or break the future of our work to save the bees in Europe. We need to tap into our collective power once again to make sure the European Commission listens to the science, not pesticide industry lobbyists. Bee-killing neonics have no place in Europe.

Tell the EU to save the bees once and for all and enforce a full ban on neonics.    

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