Help stop Nestle's water grab

Help stop Nestle's water grab

For 28 years, Nestlé has used an expired permit to take hundreds of millions of gallons of water out of publicly owned forests in California, virtually free of charge.

Now Nestlé's lawyers are saying that the government's demand that they get a permit violates THE COMPANY'S water rights.

Yes, you read that right. Nestlé’s corporate lawyers think the water flowing through publicly-owned national forests belongs to it -- and that it's a violation of the company's rights for the government to require a permit.

This is one of the most blatantly arrogant corporate power grabs we've ever seen. We're fighting back to show Nestlé that water belongs to everyone, and that we won't let its army of corporate lawyers bully sovereign governments. Will you chip in today?

SumOfUs has been on the front lines fighting Nestlé's water grabs all over the world.

After a quarter of a million SumOfUs members urged Oregon Governor Kate Brown to scrap Nestlé's grab in her state, she put the Nestlé deal under public review.

In British Columbia, 225,000 SumOfUs members spoke out and successfully demanded a revision of the scandalously low water rates for bottlers like Nestlé.

In New Zealand, we're fighting a backroom deal that would allow Nestlé to take 40 billion liters from the drought-prone Canterbury plains.

Ontario. India. Sri Lanka. Australia. Wherever you look, it's the same story: Nestlé, the biggest water bottler in the world, is using its lobbying muscle to take the right to clean drinking water away from local residents and turn it into massive corporate profits.

SumOfUs is one of the only organizations in the world with the international membership needed to take on Nestlé in all of these places -- and we've figured out the playbook for winning, including legal action, organizing shareholders, and viral online videos and images to spread the word and jump-start grassroots protests.

Together we can take on Nestlé and stop its water scam in California too. Will you chip in to help fight back?

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