Nestlé: don't bottle Nigerians' water in a catastrophic water crisis!

Nestlé: don't bottle Nigerians' water in a catastrophic water crisis!

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Nigeria is suffering from a deadly water crisis -- the lack of potable, accessible water has turned into a national emergency. While the crisis is killing more Nigerians than terror group Boko Haram, Nestle is opening up a new bottling plant in Abaji. 

Nestlé has proven time and time again that it just doesn’t care about local communities and their access to fresh water. Almost 400,000 SumOfUs supporters stood up and denounced Nestlé for sucking up the local water supply in Pakistan -- and then selling it back at a profit. Now we need to stand up for water rights in Nigeria. 

Tell Nestlé to drop the bottling plant now!

Boko Haram has killed more than 4,000 people -- but the water shortage and lack of proper sanitation has caused the death of more than 73,000 Nigerians. In the coastal metropolis of Lagos, 15 million of the city’s 21 million have limited or no access to running water.

SumOfUs members know too well about Nestlé’s aggressive global water strategy: buy up local water supplies of impoverished communities, bottle it in plastic and sell it to wealthy Europeans and Americans at huge mark-ups. Meanwhile, the impoverished communities suffer the ill health effects of drinking dirty and contaminated water.

When lack of something so simple as access to water -- a basic human right -- is killing more people than one of the world’s worst terrorist groups, it’s time to act. And no one knows how to fight Nestlé’s disastrous water bottling obsession better than us. We’ve fought it in Canada, California, Pakistan and now Nigeria.

Let’s make sure Nestlé doesn't take the little water Nigeria has left: drop the bottling plant!

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