Mondelēz: Show some love for rainforests

Mondelēz: Show some love for rainforests

Pink Oreo cookies and heart-shaped Milka chocolate: These Valentine’s Day treats are made of palm oil linked to deforestation and land grabs. This February 14th, we’re pouring our hearts out to Mondelēz: show some love for rainforests and its defenders!

Mondelēz is claiming to be a sustainability hero while keeping the lid on its messy palm oil supply chain. Let’s take Mondelēz at its word and help it kick off a change across the entire industry – and what’s a better day to tell a candy giant to stop breaking our hearts than *Valentine’s Day*?

Together with partners, we’re delivering our call from the heart directly to Mondelēz’s HQ in Chicago this Tuesday. Let’s double the pressure to really make it feel the love and flood its leaders’ inboxes with our messages: stop talking about love and start showing some for the rainforests!!

Use the form below and send our Valentine's Day messages to Mondelēz's leadership.

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