Message Matt Hancock to demand tough action on Facebook

Message Matt Hancock to demand tough action on Facebook

Tech giants like Facebook make almost a billion pounds a year from people following anti-vaccine propaganda.

And it could soon cost us all -- nearly a third of Brits say they could refuse a coronavirus vaccine!

The government has so far refused to hold Facebook to account but we've just heard Matt Hancock is meeting Nick Clegg tomorrow -- and could finally push the tech giant to take action.

The health minister has a poor record of standing up to big corporations, so we need him to know we're watching what he's doing. Will you take 2 minutes to send a personal message to Matt Hancock to demand he gets action on disinformation tomorrow?

You can add your name and email below and then click to compose and send your message -- it's so much more powerful in your own words than ours. After you press send it will go directly to

*You'll get an automated response from his office telling you to file a comment on the health department website -- if you want to do that too please go ahead! 

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