Tell McDonald's to stop driving the rise of drug-resistant bugs

Tell McDonald's to stop driving the rise of drug-resistant bugs

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McDonald’s is helping to fuel the rise of drug-resistant superbugs that kill hundreds of thousands of people every year.

McDonald’s once led the way in tackling the irresponsible use of antibiotics in factory farming, which experts say is spreading antibiotic-resistant infections in humans.

But now McDonald’s has become a part of the problem. While the world’s biggest fast food chain has taken steps to reduce the amount of antibiotics used in rearing its chickens, it’s refusing to do the same for its beef and pork.

We have a chance to change that.

The company is holding its AGM in May, and investors have submitted a shareholder resolution telling McDonald’s to clean up its antibiotics policy. Most investors vote on resolutions before the actual meeting -- so we need you to back the resolution and send a message to McDonald’s now.

Can you sign the petition and ask McDonald’s to take a stand on antibiotics now?

The rise in antibiotic-resistant superbugs is terrifying. The World Health Organisation warns that antibiotic use in farming is contributing to the threat of a “post-antibiotic era” -- a world in which people die from cuts, food poisoning and routine operations because the drugs we’re using are no longer effective against bacterial infections. Some experts say it could set modern health care back 200 years, and kill millions globally.

But, in the face of this catastrophic threat, many farmers are still routinely feeding their animals antibiotics to prevent infections and promote growth. In fact, 45% of all antibiotics used in the UK are given to farm animals -- and many of them are critically important to human health.

We’re gambling with public health in a massive way -- and it’s completely unnecessary. Thousands of farmers across the UK already refuse to give antibiotics to their animals routinely, and only give them when they are actually sick. And if we can get McDonald’s to change its antibiotics policy, we can force more farmers to follow suit.

That’s why we need to show McDonald’s that there’s a growing movement of people out there demanding change now. As consumers, as shareholders, as people with pension funds, McDonald’s will listen to us -- but only if we make it hard for the company not to.

Tell McDonald’s to clean up its antibiotics policy now.

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