Make Google take human and digital rights seriously

Make Google take human and digital rights seriously

Google tried to keep Project Dragonfly -- its censored search engine that would help the Government of China’s mass cyber-surveillance program -- a secret from its own staff.

Our shareholder proposal at the company’s AGM on 19 June would put an end to such secrecy and force Google to take the human rights impacts of its apps seriously. 

It’s clear that Google is too large and complex to be managed effectively and that’s what allowed Project Dragonfly to happen. So we’re calling on Google’s parent company Alphabet to change its structure to make the company more manageable, and its management more accountable.

Unless Google is forced to change its ways, there’ll be more Project Dragonfly’s. Please use the form below to email your pension or mutual fund manager to ask them to support our motion now. You can edit the text that appears in black if you'd like to add your own thoughts.

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