STOP insuring fossil fuels, now!

STOP insuring fossil fuels, now!

Lloyd’s of London, AIG and Tokio Marine are all insuring the dirtiest fossil fuel projects -- but today we're calling them out with a full-page ad in the Financial Times and mobile billboards around their offices in London and NYC! Let's ramp up the pressure, send your message below!

Your message will have the most impact if it’s in your own words, but here are some points you could make to these Top execs:

  • While the rest of the insurance industry is moving away from coal, your company is still providing critical insurance to dirty coal mines.

  • Coal is the single biggest driver of climate change. By enabling coal projects to go ahead, you are actively worsening the climate crisis!

  • These projects can’t happen without insurance -- that means you have the opportunity to make a huge difference to the planet and future generations.

  • Please join your industry peers and commit to stop insuring coal now.

  • We, the people, are calling you out: your decision impacts the lives of millions of people. Stop ignoring us, the Planet and science. Ditch fossil fuel!