Lloyd’s and Chubb: Stop insuring fossil fuel projects

Lloyd’s and Chubb: Stop insuring fossil fuel projects

Look at them.

These are the CEOs of two of the biggest insurance giants on the planet: Lloyd’s and Chubb. Why am I bringing them up you may wonder?

Because a brand new report from our partners Insure Our Future just scored them as two of the top enablers of fossil fuel projects driving climate chaos.

Despite five decades of warning, Lloyd’s CEO John Neal and Chubb CEO Evan Greenberg continue to sponsor the reckless expansion of fossil fuel production. Yet we know, without insurance, there would be no fossil fuel projects.

Let's bring them back down to earth: we won’t back down until they follow their peers and end all support for oil and gas expansion. That is true climate leadership.

Let's flood Lloyd and Chubb's inboxes now - it will only take a couple of minutes and could have tremendous impact!

You are welcome to personalize your email as much as you like. You can also edit the subject line of your email. No need to be an expert! Speak your truth, express your opinion, while remaining respectful. The more personal your message sounds, the more impact it will have. Thank you for all that you do!

Here are some elements that you may find useful for your email: 

  • The expansion of the fossil fuel industry comes with a long and shameful history of environmental racism, widespread violations of Indigenous rights, the poisoning and polluting of low-income communities, and the acceleration of global warming.
  • Chubb has been linked to offshore oil and gas drilling in Brazil and oil and gas exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Unlike 15 other insurers, Lloyd’s and Chubb have refused to rule out support for the risky East African Crude Oil Pipeline.
  • The reinsurance industry is key to curb future climate pollution.
  • Stop fueling climate change and adopt the long overdue fossil fuel exclusion policies, while there is still time.

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