Leave a public comment: Tell Florida officials to reject Nestlé's greed

Leave a public comment: Tell Florida officials to reject Nestlé's greed

Thank you for taking action to oppose Nestlé's plans to plunder a small town's water supply!

Right now, Florida water officials are deciding whether to approve a permit that would enable Seven Springs Water to pump 1.2 million gallons a day for Nestlé to bottle up in throwaway plastic. Your public comment will play an important role in making sure officials hear the facts, and not Nestlé's corporate spin. 

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  • Three key points you can touch on are:  1) North Florida's springs, already struggling from pollution and over-extraction, cannot sustain any additional water extraction. 2) Nestlé's past actions prove that it can't be trusted to protect water resources. 3) The proposed permit is not in the public interest, as it endangers drinking water and natural landscapes. It must be rejected.  
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    • Why you're worried about the future of drinking water supplies in Florida and around the world 
    • Your concerns about how the bottling plant will contribute to plastic pollution in rivers and oceans 
    • Any personal stories you have about enjoying a Florida spring, river or beach. 

Sample letter:

I am writing to urge you to reject the Seven Springs Water permit because [your personal reason]. 

Ginnie Springs and the Santa Fe River are already suffering from pollution and water over-extraction. Experts say that water extraction needs to be significantly reduced to restore healthy water flows to North Florida's springs and rivers. The Seven Springs Water permit, which would allow Nestlé to bottle nearly a half-billion gallons of water a year, is a serious step in the wrong direction. 

Nestlé, a Swiss multinational, cannot be trusted to protect Florida’s drinking water and waterways. In California's San Bernardino National Forest, Nestlé pumped water for three decades using an expired permit, and evidence suggests that the company continues to severely damage ground water resources. In Michigan's Osceola township, water advocates say Nestlé’s over-pumping for its Ice Mountain brand has caused streams to run too low for trout to survive. When the town rejected a permit that would allow Nestlé to pump more water, the company retailed with a legal action that nearly bankrupt the town. 

The future of Florida’s freshwater at risk from over-extraction, pollution, saltwater incursion and increasingly sever droughts and storms. I urge you to safeguard Ginnie Springs for Florida's citizens and natural landscapes, not for a foreign corporation's profit. 


[Your name]

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