Kroger: Kick cancer out of your supermarkets

Kroger: Kick cancer out of your supermarkets

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Is there cancer in your cans? A new report suggests the odds are against you: two in three food cans from dozens of popular brands and retailers tested positive for bisphenol A (BPA), a toxic chemical linked to prostate and breast cancer, infertility and type-2 diabetes.

The results are worse than we feared. 71% of DelMonte cans contained the harmful chemical as well as half of all General Mills cans. And every single Campbell’s can tested was found to contain BPA.

So we’re taking the fight for for healthy food to America’s biggest supermarket, Kroger. If we want to take cancer out of our grocery stores, we need to target the nation’s biggest chains. Only Kroger has the market share strength to pressure these major brands into following what many leading products have already done: take BPA out of their products.

Tell Kroger to kick cancer to the curb. Get BPA out of our food.

Kroger has pledged to reduce the amount of BPA it peddles from its shelves in the past, but a recent study found that 62% of Kroger cans analyzed tested positive for the toxic chemical that has also been linked to attention deficit disorder, obesity and asthma. Studies have shown this hormonally active chemical can migrate out of cans, get into the food we eat and make its way into our bodies.

Make no mistake: the size and buying power of Kroger could get BPA out of our grocery stores for good. For years, food manufacturers wouldn’t tell us what was in their cans -- but now that we know, there’s no going back.

Put an end to Kroger’s killer chemicals. Ban BPA from its stores.

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