Kick rent bidding apps out of Victoria!

Kick rent bidding apps out of Victoria!

UPDATE: 6th September, 11pm:

The Bill passed! Two out of the four undecided MPs we were targeting  -- including the MP who received more calls than any other - voted for the Bill. 

Rent bidding, and the predatory apps which facilitate it, will now be illegal in Victoria!


A bill to ban apps that push up rental prices in Victoria is one vote away from becoming law! Together, we could get this groundbreaking Bill passed if you contact your state MP now.

Rent-bidding apps pit people wanting to rent a home against each other by forcing desperate applicants into rent-bidding wars. Getting these predatory apps banned in our state comes down to just four politicians who are still undecided about which way they’ll vote.

This is a crucial moment. If SumOfUs members like you in Victoria can convince just one of the politicians to vote for the bill, together we’d get a win against unethical tech companies profiting off making homes more expensive for all of us.

Can you take a moment to call one of these politicians and ask them to support the Bill?
The call is free. Simply choose which representative you'd like to speak to, we'll then call you and connect you when you're ready.

Calls to politicians are most effective when they're personal and polite. You don't have to be an expert, the important thing is to convey why this matters personally to you. 

If you or your family are renters this is a great thing to point out. Here are some other things you could mention:

  • Rent bidding drives up rent prices and locks the most vulnerable members of the community out of an affordable home.
  • The Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill bans rent bidding and stops agents and predatory apps from forcing people to bid more than they can afford. 
  • The housing affordability crisis is worsening and more Victorians are renting than ever before. Our rental laws are in dire need of modernising. 
  • The Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill rights some of the imbalances in our law - like prohibitively high bonds - and makes a safe, secure home more accessible for all Victorians. 

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