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Keep our seas and plates free from harmful microbeads!

Keep our seas and plates free from harmful microbeads!

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Scientists are advocating for an immediate ban of microbeads after new research shows just how harmful they can be. The tiny plastics found in face scrubs and other beauty products are leaching toxic chemicals into our seas and our seafood.

Billions of the plastic particles wash into waterways and are ingested by marine life. And Australia’s seafood heavy diet means these particles are ending up on our dinner tables.

The federal government agreed to phase out the dangerous plastics by July 2018, but researchers say that’s not soon enough. Between now and then, billions more microbeads will be released into the environment. We need to come together now to demand fast action.

Call on the Australian government to enact an immediate ban of microbeads.

Once released into our waterways, microbeads can pick up chemical pollutants on their surface that are then absorbed by the animals that consume the beads. Scientists say the plastics are accumulating pollutants linked to serious neurological health problems, impaired immune function, and fertility issues.  

And Australians may be particularly at risk. Scientists found that Middle Harbour has one of the highest concentrations of micro debris in the world. With companies and governments across the world already ditching microbeads, we need action now.

We can’t wait years for a phase out when that means billions more microbeads will end up in our oceans and in our diets. This new research will put increased pressure on government officials to take decisive action. If we join our voices together, we could push the government to act now.

Ask the Australian government to keep our seas and our diets safe by banning microbeads now.  

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