Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt: don't let big pharma rip off our NHS

Jeremy Hunt: don't let big pharma rip off our NHS

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It’s official: big pharmaceutical companies are ripping our NHS off. 

Actavis, a chemical company, is overcharging the NHS for a lifesaving drug. It’s hiked the price up by 12,000%. That number’s not a mistake -- 12,000%! 

The drug, hydrocortisone, is vital for thousands of patients in life threatening situations. Actavis is taking advantage of them. 

The government regulates prices for other drugs -- so why not this one? A big public outcry could amplify this scandal, and force Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, to stop this happening for good.

Jeremy Hunt: regulate drug prices, so big pharmaceutical companies stop exploiting our NHS!

A single table of hydrocortisone has shot up from 70p to £88 in just eight years. Actavis must think it’s on to a good thing. It can charge whatever it likes and the NHS just has to cough up. 

The whole pharma industry’s at it -- drugs companies Pfizer and Flynn Pharma have been caught out for excessive and unfair prices too. 

Our NHS is one of our greatest institutions, but it’s under huge financial strain. The government has starved it for years. Just think about all the extra doctors and nurses there’d if the NHS wasn’t exploited by pharmaceutical giants. 

The pharma industry is a huge vested interest. It lobbies hard, and politicians find it tricky to resist. But we know our community is as strong. Over 140,000 of us demanded Pfzier stopped purchasing from companies without environmental controls. 

When all of us take action at once, the government doesn’t stand a chance. 

Add your name now. Demand Jeremy Hunt regulated drug prices so pharma companies don’t rip our NHS off. 

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