Tell HSBC: end coal financing!

Tell HSBC: end coal financing!

The next 48 hours could bring one of the biggest climate victories since the Paris agreement.

Right now, HSBC is Europe’s second-largest fossil fuel financier. But a group of major shareholders has forced a vote at an upcoming AGM that could stop the bank from investing in coal projects and companies.

Insiders say top execs will decide in the next 48 hours whether to endorse the move — or try to water it down. We can’t miss this chance!


Use this page to send a message directly to HSBC's CEO Noel Quinn and Board Chair Mark Tucker. Keep in mind that when you hit send, it goes straight to them! The most powerful email is one you write yourself, but here are some points to help you along:

  • HSBC should fully back the shareholder resolution that commits to ending coal financing -- not water it down.
  • We can see through greenwashing and spin. What we need now is actual, real action.
  • HSBC needs to stop financing anything to do with coal *now*. We expect the announcement of a clear end date.
  • HSBC should support economic development in the Global South through investing in clean, renewable energy, and helping ensure clean air and water. Not through coal.