Hilton: treat your workers with dignity and respect

Hilton: treat your workers with dignity and respect

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A shocking report has just exposed unfair treatment of hotel workers. 

It’s grim reading -- excessive hours, low pay, casualised contracts and work-related injury are rife in the industry. Hotel staff work hard to look after people and deserve better from their bosses.  

Hilton is one of the world’s biggest hotel chains, with its profits doubling just recently. But over 90 per cent of unionised Hilton staff don’t even feel they can ask questions without punishment. That can’t be right. 

Hilton can afford to clean up its act. But it needs to know its workers aren’t alone. A massive petition can shame it into treating people with respect. We just need enough of us to add our names. 

Sign the petition and tell Hilton to treat its workers with dignity and respect. 

The UK hotel industry enjoyed another record breaking year last year. But while the profits of the huge international chains go up and up, workers are living a Victorian nightmare. 

SumOfUs members know how to protect workers rights. It doesn’t matter how big the balance sheet - Apple, Amazon, H&M, Walmart - tens of thousands of us have stood up to them before. So now we can do the same with Hilton together.  

Now, right when this union report has lifted the lid on the industry scandal, is our best shot at getting Hilton to change. And if we do that together it’ll be a wake up call to the other big hotels. 

Add your name to our petition to Hilton. 

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