Help stop the TPP in Peru

Help stop the TPP in Peru

Peru is about to vote on the ratification of the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal -- and the importance of this vote is huge.

Peru is the very first country to vote on the ratification of the TPP, and the vote is expected to be a nail-biter.

If we win, it'll be a huge blow to the TPP's momentum. But if we lose, it could spark a chain reaction of countries in Latin America ratifying the deal.

We're partnering with local activists to launch an all-out push to stop the TPP in Peru. But these groups desperately need financial support from their allies in better-off nations.

Will you chip in to help support these local activists and back them up with SumOfUs's state-of-the-art online organizing?

We have a great chance to stop the TPP in Peru, because no one will be more hurt by this massive corporate giveaway than peasants, students, farmers, and workers in the Global South.

The president of Peru is a supporter of the TPP, and he's become so unpopular that he's likely to lose his reelection campaign later this year.

But the big corporations that will benefit from this deal are going all-out to make sure it gets ratified.

Your donation will allow us to provide a desperately needed influx of financial support to local activist groups, while also backing them up with our cutting-edge Internet-organizing expertise.

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