Help stand up to Monsanto's lies

Help stand up to Monsanto's lies

Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant just gave an interview with a U.S. radio station so full of lies it's almost unbelievable.

He claimed that it's an "urban myth" that Monsanto sues farmers for reusing seeds -- even though right on the company's own website they admit they've filed 147 lawsuits against farmers and counting.

He denies any link between RoundUp and cancer, even though the World Health Organization classifies RoundUp as a "probable carcinogen."

Asked about the massive contamination of waterways with Monsanto's cancer-causing PCBs, he claims they were created by a different company with the same name.

No corporation in the world is more reckless, shameless, and dishonest than Monsanto. We're fighting to keep their cancer-causing pesticides off the market. Please, will you chip in to help stand up to Monsanto's lies?

Monsanto's lies just go on and on -- but we're standing up to them, and we're on the verge of a major victory in the E.U.

Recently, the European Commission was forced this week to postpone a vote to approve the continued us of Monsanto's glyphosate weedkiller, also known as RoundUP, for another 15 years.

Scientists had protested in open letters to European governments. Thousands of SumOfUs members emailed, tweeted, and shared our petition to EU leaders in English, German and French. Our campaigners led protests in Brussels and we funded ads all over the Internet to keep the pressure on.

RoundUp is a huge money-maker for Monsanto, and getting it off the market in the E.U. would be a huge step towards getting it off the market worldwide.

People are sick of Monsanto’s lies, and they’re finally standing up and fighting back. Please, will you chip in to help join the fight?

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