NSW Premier Mike Baird

Halt WestConnex and invest in public transit that works for all Australians

Halt WestConnex and invest in public transit that works for all Australians

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A few weeks ago the construction of WestConnex began. The $16.8 billion project has been surrounded by secrecy and charges of corruption, but it’s not too late to stop it.

NSW Premier Mike Baird claims the 9km tunnel - Australia’s single largest motorway project - will reduce traffic congestion. But community groups are outraged that the government would use taxpayer dollars to fund a private toll road.   

It’s 2016 - we need to be investing in public, eco-friendly transit, not polluting private roadways. Thousands of Australians who have sent in complaints in response to WestConnex’s environmental impact statement agree. We need to halt this project that has been totally unaccountable to the needs of local constituents.

We won’t stand for massive construction that won’t benefit average Australians. Tell Mike Baird to ditch the WestConnex project and invest in public transit!  

The billion-dollar project is funneling public money towards private companies. And in the end, only those who can afford a daily toll during their commute will benefit from WestConnex. And that won’t be until 2023, when the project is slated to be finished.  

Critics also say the government has swindled residents out of their properties in order to clear a path for the tunnel. Some 200 properties were acquired for the first stage of construction, and families have complained of compensation payouts well below market price.

Even Baird himself admits the community consultation process for WestConnex “hasn’t been perfect.” And yet he continues to barrel forward with a project local councils and community members are in opposition to. It’s not too late for Baird to listen to the people’s will, and ditch WestConnex in favor of public transit that works for all Australians.

Demand Mike Baird halt WestConnex construction and invest in sustainable, affordable public transit instead.

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