Tell Gilead Sciences: people over profits for COVID-19 drug

Tell Gilead Sciences: people over profits for COVID-19 drug

Gilead could save millions of lives with its COVID-fighting remdesivir drug, but the pharma giant refuses to drop its patent rights which would allow for a quicker distribution and cheaper price of the drug. 

After a massive public outcry, Gilead reversed its request for 'orphan status' for possible Corona treatment Remdesivir. And then, pressured by tens of thousands of SumOfUs members like you, Gilead's CEO published an open letter after 'many people have reached out to Gilead to advocate for access to remdesivir' -- promising to 'ensure affordability and access'.

But if we want to make sure that everyone gets affordable access to Covid treatment, Gilead has to give up their monopoly on Remdesivir.

With an email to Gilead's CEO, you can help pile on the pressure to make Gilead do the right thing: put people before profit.

It is always more impactful if you quickly compose your own personal message. Here are some points you can use when you write:

  • This is a global pandemic, people's lives must take precedence over profits
  • We need a cure accessible to all to turn the tide on COVID-19.
  • Gilead Sciences can be on the right side of history and save millions of lives
  • Other companies have given up their monopoly on drugs
  • Gilead should not wait for a country to force them to give up their patent.