Geography quiz clone

Geography quiz clone

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You wouldn't believe some of the stuff the U.S. food industry gets away with putting in their food - or what eating it can do to you.

How many of their freaky foods can you identify? Start with these two - one is real, one is made up. Click the real one:

Brain-fed beef
Horse shit ham

And enter your details:

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P.S. WARNING: Some of the food in this quiz is really, really gross. Thankfully Europe has stricter safety standards. Well, for now anyway. More on that later.

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OK, next question!

Which of these could you pick up for a Sunday roast in the U-S-of-A?

(One is real, three are not - pick the real one):

Mmm, poison. How about a side with that?

Guess which one of these is legal in the U.S, thanks to industry lobbying:

Verdict: Vom!

Or perhaps one of these bleach-tastic sandwich fillers?

(You know the drill - guess which one is legal in America):

Verdict: The horror. The horror.

Now, how about something from the bakery to treat yourself? Pick the real one:

You scored: x/5 - good knowledge of the gross.

Now: share your score, and find out why these foods may soon be coming to Europe...

firstname, Brexit puts UK food standards at risk. Negotiations to leave the EU are underway and the UK government is rushing to secure a trade deal with the US. That means everything is up for grabs. including dropping strict EU standards on what goes in our food.

It’s a nightmare scenario that could put chlorine-washed chicken, hormone-pumped meat and liver failure meat on you local supermarket shelves. That’s why we’re calling on giant food retailers to commit to maintaining at least EU standards in food and farming -- whatever happens with brexit.

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