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Facebook: Stop sponsoring hate

Facebook: Stop sponsoring hate

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Donald Trump, the inveterate liar, racist, misogynist presidential candidate who incites violence against Black Americans has secured enough delegates for the Republican nomination.

And Facebook has said it will sponsor his coronation at the Republican National Convention this July.

Facebook is supposed to be a social media platform for everyone. Make no mistake: by sponsoring the RNC, Facebook is essentially endorsing Donald Trump’s hatred and violence -- and we’re going to hold it to account.

Tell Facebook to stop sponsoring hate.

Republican Party organizers depend on big sponsors like Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook to pull off their national conventions. And that's why it's so powerful when major sponsors pull out of the RNC -- which is exactly what happened in March when nearly 100,000 SumOfUs supporters spoke out and forced Coca-Cola to drastically cut its donation. It sent a clear message that hate speech isn’t acceptable -- but Facebook hasn’t gotten the memo yet.

Corporate sponsorship is not neutral. When people’s lives are at stake -- and let’s be clear, we are talking about people of color, undocumented workers, migrants and other vulnerable people -- we can’t afford to hesitate. Facebook can't stand idly by while a xenophobic demagogue takes power. And it certainly doesn’t get to pay millions for the privilege and not get held accountable.

Join us and make Facebook withdraw from Trump’s RNC.

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