Facebook Ad Boycott: download the ad blocker

Facebook Ad Boycott: download the ad blocker

Click to download the free, simple ad blocker. You can choose to only block ads on Facebook, not other sites, by adjusting the settings as shown further below. 

Facebook is reeling as corporate giants — from Coke to Ford to Starbucks — suspend their ads on the platform until Facebook cleans up its hate speech. Ads bring Facebook 99% of its income, so this boycott is hitting where it hurts — and now we can join in, too.

If millions of us show Facebook we won't allow any ads in our feeds until they stop the hate and disinformation by downloading a simple, free adblocker -- we can generate a new people-powered media wave and double the pressure on Facebook to act.

Here are the steps to only block Facebook:

Settings --> Customize --> Show ads everywhere except for these domains --> Facebook.com