Tell the FA and club owners to pay all ground staff living wage

Tell the FA and club owners to pay all ground staff living wage

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Ground staff are lucky to get £6.50 an hour, whilst the players pocket £1.7 million a year. That's the reality of football in 2016.

Stewards, caterers and other match staff make games possible, yet they aren't even guaranteed the living wage.

Clubs from the Premier League such as Watford and Southampton have been called out before, as well as those in lower leagues like Brighton and Hove.

Even Mike Ashley is involved - alongside abusing workers at his Sports Direct stores, he's the owner of Newcastle FC which previously refused to reveal what it paid its staff.

Supporters pay huge amounts for tickets and merchandise, and they rightly expect staff to be properly paid.

With the fans, football is nothing. They need to know we won't stand for this.

Tell the FA it needs to make all clubs pay the living wage

Premier League clubs have previously agreed to pay the living wage, but this agreement only covers full time staff, and doesn't affect lower league clubs.

Some clubs are making improvements. Everton FC has confirmed it will pay the living wage and others are joining suit. But the living wage should be compulsory on all grounds.

Demand that FA Chairman Greg Dyke ensures living wage for all club staff

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