Email your MP: Protect the right to protest!

Email your MP: Protect the right to protest!

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UPDATE: 22 March 2022: MPs will get another chance to quash the government's plans to criminalise noisy protest next week. Write to yours today to ask them to take it!

MPs will debate the policing bill again -- and for the last time -- in February. That means it's out last chance to ask them to protect our right to protest.

The proposed new laws cut right to the heart of our democracy. And criminalising trespass targets the nomadic way of life of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities -- as well as making the countryside a more hostile place for anyone wanting to enjoy it while hiking, cycling or camping.

Even the government’s own human rights watchdog, as well as a committee of MPs, have said that the proposed new laws are a threat to our human rights and civil liberties. It’s even caught the attention of the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment, who’s warned that it will make human rights violations more likely.

Thankfully, peers came together to protect our rights and passed amendments to remove some of the worst provisions in the bill. But it's up to us to make sure MPs to defend those changes and resist any further government attempts to silence us.

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