Email your MP to vote for the bees!

Email your MP to vote for the bees!

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On 20th October your MP has the chance to vote for a future that protects bees and other pollinators from pesticides.

Can you contact your MP to ask them to support Clause 75 in the Environment Bill debate?

Write politely in your own words to ask them for their support. Your MP won’t expect you to be an expert, and the more you explain why it’s important to you, the more powerful your words will be! 

You can use as much or as little of the suggested text below. And here are some additional talking points:

  • The ‘Protection of pollinators from pesticides’ clause will ensure that risk assessment of pesticides are independent & scientific, with the public able to participate in the important decision-making. This will help protect bees and other insects
  • Pollinators are essential to a healthy countryside and food production, but recent pesticide use has caused a reduction in the overwintering success of honeybee hives,  has driven 40% of wild bee species from large areas of the countryside, and has contributed to butterfly declines, this ecological damage reduces pollination services and crop yields.
  • In 2010 the Government concluded that pre-approval tests for pesticides were inadequate to protect pollinators, but the UK has yet to introduce any new checks to help ensure that future pesticides are pollinator-safe. 
  • The legislation says that pesticides that cause unacceptable harm to the environment must not be approved, but does not require adequate pollinator safety data to ensure this happens
  • The Environment Bill is critical for the future of biodiversity. Alongside clause 75, amendments on binding long-term biodiversity targets, applying environmental principles widely, committing net gain land to nature for 125 years, and protecting the habitat regulations, must remain in the Bill to give pollinators and nature the best possible chance of survival and perhaps recovery.

To get started, simply type your postcode in the box at the bottom of this page to find your MP. Then:

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