Email your MP: Fight disinformation and hate!

Email your MP: Fight disinformation and hate!

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Right now, an influential Committee of MPs -- including yours -- is writing a crucial report that will shape the UK’s new internet law. 

It’s vital they from constituents who want them to stand up to disinformation and hate.

Your message will have the most impact if it’s in your own words, but below are some suggestions. And remember to be respectful — the Committee will ignore any abusive messages. Let’s not waste the opportunity.

  • Hate speech and disinformation are being amplified by social media algorithms, at great cost to society. It’s essential that the forthcoming Online Safety Bill tackles this problem.

  • Platforms like Facebook are hurting children, public health and democracy via a toxic business model that promotes harmful content for profit. Please use your power to stop them.
  • We know you want to do the right thing. And your constituents are depending on you to. Please stick to your principles and stand up to the amplification of  disinformation and hate.

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