Email Liam Fox to ensure transparency and democracy in UK trade

Email Liam Fox to ensure transparency and democracy in UK trade

***Thank you! Nearly 7000 you emailed Liam Fox before this consultation closed on the 6th November 2017. However, the government's Trade Bill was published the very next day with no mention of democracy and transparency, so we will continue to make our voices heard***

Trade secretary Liam Fox is preparing the government’s trade bill right now. And he wants to hear what you think about transparency in UK trade policy -- before Monday 6 November.

Despite the huge impacts that modern trade deals have, on everything from agriculture and energy to public services like the NHS, at the moment the government has almost unchecked powers to go ahead and negotiate deals in secret. Incredibly, even MPs are not guaranteed to have a say.

And we know that corporations are already getting a huge amount of access at behind-the-scenes meetings when they pretty much get to write these trade deals without scrutiny. 

Right after Brexit, the UK will have to negotiate and renegotiate hundreds of trade deals. With the infamous EU-US trade pact TTIP and its EU-Canada sister deal CETA the likely blueprints for future deals, we know what dangers lie ahead.

So with agreements that threaten labour standards, public health and the environment on the cards, we need to make sure that Liam Fox hears loud and clear that we demand UK trade to be transparent and democratic -- it’ll only take you a minute, and if you want to personalise your email and add your sign off and name you can! After you hit send, an email from your address will be sent to Liam Fox and the Trade Committee to