Duracell: ditch your killer batteries now.

Duracell: ditch your killer batteries now.

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Fifteen minutes. That’s how long a single Duracell button battery takes to burn through the throat of a toddler.

Duracell’s small lithium button batteries, used in toys, watches and remotes, are easily swallowed and can kill children -- or leave them unable to speak or eat without help for the rest of their lives.

Duracell can stop this. Engineers invented safe button batteries years ago, but Duracell is still refusing to switch to them. Instead, it is passing responsibility onto parents, telling them to be careful. A massive public outcry can force Duracell to act now so this never happens again.

Duracell: switch to safe button batteries now.

Children are naturally curious and put household objects in their mouths. But here is the scary thing: the energy from the battery make the body create an acid that can burn a hole through the throat and lead to serious internal bleeding and death.

And it takes as little as 15 minutes. 

Hospitals are reporting a surge in button battery incidents, and that's why we need to force Duracell to act now. 

Duracell makes enough profit that it can afford to switch to safer technology immediately. It is not enough to use warning stickers or to tell parents to use sticky tape to seal batteries. Duracell has to take responsibility for its dangerous, child-harming batteries now.

Demand Duracell stop ignoring the dangers and switch to safe button batteries.

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