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Don't spend billions on new nuclear power

Don't spend billions on new nuclear power

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The government’s plans for Hinkley Point nuclear power station are in chaos -- and we can stop them in their tracks.

The government has just postponed its decision on whether to build a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point, which has been called “the most expensive power station in the world”. It won’t just cost the taxpayer an astonishing £18bn to build, it will also cost us £30bn in subsidies -- because the government promised to buy electricity from Hinkley at an exorbitant rate.

But now Theresa May is wavering. She’s postponed the decision until the autumn, and announced a review into the project. That gives us a huge opportunity to help shape the UK’s future energy supplies.

Tell Theresa May not to spend billions on new nuclear -- and to invest in renewable energy instead!

The government says it’s trying to keep energy bills down. But if Hinkley Point goes ahead, it will lock energy consumers into exorbitant electricity prices for decades. The government has guaranteed EDF, the French company behind the project, a price of £92.50 a megawatt-hour for the electricity generated at Hinkley for 35 years -- that’s more than double the current cost of wholesale electricity prices.

Instead of lining EDF’s pockets, the government should be supporting renewables. The costs of renewable energy are falling fast. Two wind farms being built off the Dutch coast will generate electricity for just £61.50 a megawatt-hour -- far cheaper than the electricity coming from nuclear power.

Experts from all sectors have warned the government that Hinkley Point will be bad news for taxpayers. HSBC said: “We see ample reason for the UK government to delay or cancel the [Hinkley Point] project.” And Paul Massara, boss of RWE NPower, has said: “We will look back and think that nuclear was a expensive mistake.”

But now we have a chance to stop it in its tracks. Let’s tell Theresa May to scrap Hinkley Point and invest in a flexible, smart, and truly clean energy system that can power 21st Century Britain -- which would be a win for the taxpayer and for the planet.

Theresa May: don’t spend billions on new nuclear -- invest in renewable energy instead!

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