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Don't privatise the Land Registry

Don't privatise the Land Registry

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We have a chance to stop the privatisation of the Land Registry.

A few months ago, David Cameron snuck out his plans to sell off the Land Registry -- which could make buying and selling our homes more expensive, and put our sensitive personal data into the hands of a private corporation.

But now Brexit has given us a chance to stop the sell-off. The final decision on whether to privatise the Land Registry has been postponed until we have a new Prime Minister. If we can persuade all the main Conservative party candidates to pledge to keep the Land Registry public right now -- as the leadership contest gets underway -- then we can save the Land Registry.

Let’s tell all the Conservative party leadership contenders to pledge to keep the Land Registry public.

If you’ve ever bought a house in England or Wales, your personal details -- including your mortgage details -- will be on the Land Registry. Now the government wants to put this sensitive personal data into the private hands of a profit-seeking corporation.

And if it succeeds, the private buyer will likely push up its fees in order to make more profit -- or even charge us recurrent fees to maintain our ownership records. Our homes are already the most expensive thing most of us will buy in our lifetimes. If the Land Registry is sold off, it could make an already ridiculously expensive process even more expensive, and put buying a home or moving home out of reach for even more of us.

But, right now, MPs from across the political spectrum are speaking out against the sell-off, with one Conservative MP calling it “a privatisation too far”. The competition watchdog and property industry insiders have also expressed their concerns. If enough of us add our voices to the mounting pressure, we can tip the balance and make sure the sell-off never happens.

SumOfUs was created to fight back against the corporate capture of our public services. Over 100,000 of us came together to save the NHS from privatisation.

Now let’s tell the Conservative party leadership candidates to pledge to keep the Land Registry public.

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