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Don’t let TISA hand over European democracy to corporations!

Don’t let TISA hand over European democracy to corporations!

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Leaked documents show that some of the world’s biggest corporations are plotting yet another disastrous trade deal. TISA -- the Trade in Services Agreement -- would drive corporate regulation as we know it to a standstill.  

With some politicians finally admitting TTIP is dead, we knew it wouldn’t be long before corporations struck back with another secret trade deal. Now, with details of TISA emerging after 18 months of secret negotiations, we know exactly what we’re up against -- and what it will take to defeat global corporations’ latest power play.

Unfortunately, TISA doesn't look any better than TTIP: The 50-nation deal would undermine the Paris climate agreement, and erase the regulations on “casino capitalism” enacted to prevent another Great Recession. For the sake of our economies, our democracies, and our planet, we need to stand up to TISA with the same vigor that helped us derail TTIP.

Global Justice Now calls TISA “a threat to the very concept of public services”. From trains to electricity to even water, once a country moves to privatise a public service, TISA makes it almost impossible to roll back, making governments helpless in the long-term to provide meaningful services to the public.   

If not for these leaked documents, we’d know next to nothing about TISA. And that’s how corporations want it -- parties are unable to share details of negotiations behind the deal until five years after it’s implemented. Corporations know that the more we find out about dangerous trade deals like TISA and TTIP, the harder we fight back against them.  

We’re still celebrating the movement that lead politicians to declare TTIP as good as dead. With more than 3 million signatures opposing TTIP, it was the largest European Citizens’ Initiative ever. Now, we need to channel the same energy to stop TISA in its tracks.

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