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Don’t let CETA bypass democracy.

Don’t let CETA bypass democracy.

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Huge trade news: There’s another trade deal just like TTIP that’s been bubbling under the surface. And last week, it finally reared its head again. It’s called CETA, and it’s like a test run for TTIP. The European Commission knows this, so it’s said it wants all 28 EU member parliaments to individually approve the CETA deal...

But there's a big catch: the commission wants to launch CETA “provisionally” before countries even sign on. And if your parliament says no, parts of the deal will stay in effect anyway.

The parallels with TTIP are uncanny: CETA could open the door for corporations to run roughshod over our environment, workers' rights and affordable healthcare.

We’ve got to stop this corporate power grab. If we succeed, this will set a precedent to also stop TTIP.

The UK has just voted to leave the EU, but CETA would still be locked in for twenty years, no matter what the Brexit deal looks like. So while ordinary people living in the UK have to figure out how to deal with the consequences of the "leave" vote, corporations won't have to bother.

Deals like CETA put everything up for grabs, from the price we pay for medicine, to the safety of our food and protection of our environment. Case in point -- CETA would block the EU’s ability to legislate against the use of Canadian tar sands oil -- one of the worst fossil fuel polluters in the world.  

Negotiators have been trying to sneak through dodgy trade deals like TTIP and TPP for years. But thanks to people like you acting to stop them, neither deal has been implemented.

Now, the European Commission is hoping that no one is looking while they undermine democracy in order to implement CETA. We need to come together now to stop another bad trade deal being forced upon us.

Tell your government: don’t let the European Commission force through CETA.

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