Get net pens out of Tasmanian waters

Get net pens out of Tasmanian waters

Scroll down to send an email to the decision makers, it's quick & easy to do. Canadian seafood giant Cooke Inc. is about to take over Tassal – the last remaining Tasmanian owned Atlantic Salmon producing company. Wherever Cooke operates ─ from North America to Chile to Scotland ─ First Nations people, local fisheries and communities struggle to co-exist with Cooke Inc's salmon farming. Why? Cooke Inc. and their empire of subsidiaries have a long history of causing environmental damage and violating regulations from collapsed net pens, alien fish escapes, banned pesticide use, and seal shootings. The government needs to take action to prevent Tassie’s wildlife and pristine waters from being Cooked. How? Earlier this year, a landmark Tasmanian Legislative Council Enquiry report into the salmon industry was released. It included a crucial recommendation:

Recommendation 3: Develop a plan, in consultation with industry, scientific and community stakeholders, to reduce inshore fin fish farming sites, with priority given to ceasing operations in sensitive, sheltered and biodiverse areas.

So far, the Tasmanian Government has ignored the recommendation.
With Cooke Inc. set to take over Tassal’s industrial pens in sensitive, sheltered and biodiverse areas ─ the Tasmanian government needs to commit to Recommendation 3 and get the pens out right away!

Will you send a message to the Tasmanian and Federal governments telling them to implement Recommendation 3 and get the pens out, before Tasmania gets Cooked?

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