Disney: don't ask your workers to pay for your evil empire!

Disney: don't ask your workers to pay for your evil empire!

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Disney CEO Bob Iger -- who earned $45 million last year -- has sent a letter to his employees asking for donations.

Guess what he wants the money for?

To help fund Disney's corporate lobbyists, who are working hard to massively expand corporate power and lower the corporate tax rate, all at the expense of workers.

The arrogance is breathtaking. Let's show Disney we won't stand by while it tramples all over its workers.

Disney: don't ask your workers to pay for your evil empire!

Iger's letter to his employees boasts that Disney's lobbyists, DisneyPAC, have been "educating Members of Congress on the importance of lowering the corporate tax rate". They have also successfully fought to strengthen Disney's corporate copyright interests in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade negotiations. But the fight is far from over, he says, before asking workers to consider donating to DisneyPAC.

TPP is a dangerous trade deal that will weaken workers' rights, drive up the costs of their medicines and allow corporations to sue governments if they pass laws that protect public health or the environment.

In other words, Disney wants its own workers to pay for lobbying that will weaken their rights and give corporations a tax cut at their expense.

SumOfUs has been working to protect workers from the corporate abuse of power for years. Hundreds of thousands of us have helped to build a global momentum against TTP and its sister deal, TTIP. As a global community, we're perfectly placed to expose Disney's dirty tricks. Will you take a minute to write to Disney?

Tell Disney to stop asking its workers to pay for its evil empire!

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