Deutsche Bank: stop funding Trump’s bigotry

Deutsche Bank: stop funding Trump’s bigotry

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The world watched last week as The Republican Party crowned Donald Trump as its presidential candidate in the US election. A spokesperson for racism, misogyny, and bigotry, Trump is one step away from the presidency -- and has the financial support of Deutsche Bank.

Foreign corporations are forbidden from making direct donations to candidates. But that hasn’t stopped Deutsche Bank from using its Political Action Committee to funnel money almost entirely to the Republican candidate.

Most companies distribute donations equally and don’t pledge explicit support for a candidate. Some companies such as Ford have even decided to stop funding Trump’s vitriolic campaign. But through its PAC, Deutsche Bank has given an incredible 86% of its donation money to the Republican party.  

Tell Deutsche Bank to stop tipping the scales and end its funding of Trump’s hateful campaign.

The bank also has close business ties to Trump: it has loaned at least $2.5 billion to companies affiliated with the Republican candidate since 1998. These deep loan commitments make Deutsche Bank’s campaign contributions even more suspect.

Trump’s hateful campaign is an insult to minorities, women, and people with disabilities. From calling Mexican immigrants “rapists” to suggesting a ban on Muslim entry to the United States, Trump’s nomination is deeply unsettling not just for U.S. politics, but for global stability.

Deutsche Bank has no place meddling in the U.S. election, especially when it’s campaign contributions are so skewed towards Trump. We need to come together and tell Deutsche Bank to stop funding a candidate whose platform is founded on racism and bigotry.

Tell Deutsche Bank to stop funding Donald Trump’s bigoted campaign.

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