Demand climate action everywhere !

Demand climate action everywhere !

Lobbyists want to ruin your life and destroy the planet, episode 178,463. As soon as the EU promised strong climate action, the European Commission, pushed by lobbyists, betrayed that promise by coming up with a toned-down wishy-washy action plan.

But we have the unique opportunity to force the EU to turn its words into action.

The EU has opened a public consultation to get your opinion on upcoming climate laws, and we only have until February 5 to act. That's why SumOfUs is joining several organizations launching a European campaign with a global impact - #EverybodyCounts - to get as many people as possible to participate in the consultation.

It’s time to make the EU keep its word. 

Demand a healthier life and a more just and sustainable society for all! #EverybodyCounts