Help Antoine Deltour's whistleblower defense fund

Help Antoine Deltour's whistleblower defense fund

A courageous whistleblower revealed how multinational corporations are using crooked accounting schemes to avoid paying taxes.

Now he's facing criminal charges and five years in jail.

Antoine Deltour is the whistleblower behind the scandal known as LuxLeaks, which showed how huge companies like Apple, Volkswagen, Pepsi, Gazprom, and IKEA are hiding assets in Luxembourg to avoid paying hundreds of billions in taxes.

These corporations desperately want revenge, and Antoine's legal bills are piling up. Now he’s asking for our help. Will you chip in today?

A shocking 310 major multinational corporations were caught in the LuxLeaks scandal, and the revelations sparked global outrage and a wave of government actions in the E.U. and around the world to crack down on these shady tax shelters.

In fact, today many of the documents Antoine released are publicly available by law as a result of transparency reforms passed in response to the leaks.

When people stand up to giant corporations, they fight for all of us. And a whistleblower like Antoine should be celebrated as a hero, not thrown in jail.

Now we need to have Antoine's back. He’s asked for help covering his massive legal bills, and we’re counting on you to chip in. 

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