Deliveroo: treat your workers with respect!

Deliveroo: treat your workers with respect!

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Restaurant delivery company Deliveroo is treating its workers like dirt.

The corporation has banned its couriers from going to employment tribunals -- which make decisions on workers’ rights -- to try to improve their working conditions. And if they try, Deliveroo says they’ll need to pay the company’s legal costs.

And right now drivers are on strike over a new pay structure that will mean many of them earn barely half the National Living Wage.

Deliveroo is in the media spotlight over its treatment of workers -- and even the government agrees it must do better. If we stand with the couriers, we’ll add huge pressure and we can make the company to do the right thing.

Tell Deliveroo to treat its workers with respect!

Precariousness in work has nearly doubled over the past 30 years, as corporations increasingly use self-employed workers to do essential jobs. As a result, more people than ever are in precarious work -- locked out from enjoying basic rights like the living wage, pensions and sick pay.

So workers are coming together to stand up for their rights. They’re trying to get recognised as employed staff. A group of drivers for Uber have gone to court to try to prove that they are employees and should be entitled to workers’ rights like the living wage. But the corporation employing them doesn’t like it one bit, and Uber is fighting its workers all the way.

Deliveroo is taking a different approach. It’s trying to stop its workers from ever reaching court. Employment tribunals are where nearly all legal cases about employment are heard -- and Deliveroo has put a clause in its workers’ contracts saying they’re not allowed go to employment tribunals to argue that they’re employees. And if they do, they’ll be liable for Deliveroo’s legal costs.

But Deliveroo's workers have organised. They have been on strike since last week over a new pay structure Deliveroo wants to force on them that would see their pay drop from £7 an hour and £1 for each delivery to £3.75 for each delivery. And from that they must provide their own transport and insurance.

With the uncertain landscape of Brexit looming, it’s going to be more important than ever that we all stand together to protect our jobs, and our rights. As a community, we have a power that individuals don’t. It’s time for us to stand with Deliveroo’s workers to make sure they are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Deliveroo: don’t exploit your workers.

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