Deliveroo: provide proper sick pay

Deliveroo: provide proper sick pay

Deliveroo is paying delivery drivers just £200 if they’re off sick for two weeks -- and only if they can get a sick note. That’s not easy with doctors and nurses working flat out.
More and more of us are relying on delivery services for food and essentials in the lockdown. But if sick delivery workers don’t get enough sick pay to cover rent and food, they’ll have to keep working.

Can you send Deliveroo’s bosses a quick email to demand proper sick pay for all drivers?

Here's some top tips:

  • We’ll only beat coronavirus if everyone who’s sick can stay home.
  • If you’re a Deliveroo customer let them know! Mention your favourite restaurant or takeaway.
  • It’s great Deliveroo are delivering free food to NHS staff but its first responsibility is to look after its own workers.
  • £100 a week is just £5 a week more than the legal minimum. It’s not enough to live on.
  • Be polite and courteous.
After you press send, your message will be sent directly to one of Deliveroo's top team.

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