Email MEPs to strengthen the bill on deforestation-free products

Email MEPs to strengthen the bill on deforestation-free products

This action is now CLOSED. Thank you everyone who contacted the ENVI committee! They DID strengthen the bill, but not enough... so onward! #Together4Forests

The European Parliament's Environment Committee is voting soon on products and investments linked to environmental destruction.

The vote is this coming Tuesday, July 12, and the committee could vote to strengthen the law -- to include protection for more ecosystems, and serious consequences for corporate criminals, and much much more. But we can't afford to leave it to chance!

Please email MEPs in your own words, to encourage them to hold firm, and help ensure that the proposed regulation is improved.

📋 Points to mention:

  • Ask them to strengthen the proposed regulation on deforestation-free products, so it helps stop destruction inside and outside the EU.
  • Ask them to vote to protect other ecosystems like wetlands, not only forests.
  • Ask them to force EU banks to ensure that they don't finance deforestation, and the human rights abuses that go with it.
(Or read this list of 16 points with further details... what matters most is that MEPs hear from you!)