David Cameron

David Cameron: don't sell off the Land Registry!

David Cameron: don't sell off the Land Registry!

David Cameron just announced plans to privatise the Land Registry.

If he succeeds, a private, profit-making company will soon have control over who owns our public land, from our rich and diverse forests and woodlands to our beaches, rivers and parks.

Private companies are already itching to get their hands on our public land so they can profit from fracking under our national parks and concreting over our communal spaces. If Cameron gets his way, the body deciding who owns that land will soon also be driven by commercial interests.

The government consultation will only last a few weeks, so we don’t have long to stop the corporate land grab.

Will you tell David Cameron not to sell off the Land Registry?

Last year, the government pushed through a new law that allowed it to sell off any public land it wants to without debate, and to cancel the public’s use of public land. The law was a windfall for fracking companies and other corporations wanting to grab public land for private profit.

The same law transferred powers away from councils and to the Land Registry -- and now the government wants to privatise the Land Registry.

Taken all together, these moves constitute a massive land grab of public land by private corporations. Now, the government can now flog off our favourite forest to a fracking company -- and if the sale is disputed, it will be down to another private company, the Land Registry, to decide who owns that land.

SumOfUs was created to fight back against the corporate capture of our public services. Over 100,000 of us came together to save the NHS from privatisation. Now it’s time to stop the privatisation of our public land.

Tell David Cameron not to sell off the Land Registry!

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